Male to Female Gender Transformations


Here's what some of my client's have said about their appointments with me.

"Corrie is simply amazing. First, her store, Midwest Makeup Supply is filled with everything you need to make yourself pretty. The store is professional and organized with a really cool vibe about it. The private makeover area is a really great space. Mirrors and makeup can't help but make a girl feel good!

The makeover was awesome. We discussed my plans for the evening and what look I wanted. She asked great questions, what were my favorite colors? What color hair? What was I going to wear? I gave her a general idea and asked her to do what she thinks will look best. That was a good decision on my part! During the makeover, Corrie and I chatted about all kinds of things. She is clearly passionate about makeup but probably more important to me is her passion for providing this service to our community.

I've been all around this country and have had more makeovers than I can remember. My experience with Corrie was the best. When I left her store, I felt pretty and confident. I spent the night out, interacted with the public, and had a glass of wine at a local bar.  I cannot wait to go back.I highly recommend Corrie. Go see her, you will be glad you did."

~ B
"For all you Crossdressers and closeted Transgendered people out there, Corrie is your answer. She is professional, focused, and driven to bring out the best in us. What could be better? I can tell you that after years of wanting to learn how to find my feminine self, it was Corrie that helped me the most. She taught me how to look beautiful, and how to feel confident. She is professional, non-judgemental, and incredibly supportive. I have had a fabulous time with her, and recommend to all of you who are thinking about the next step to contact Corrie and spend some time with her. You will not be disappointed! "

~ Samantha
"Corrie, I loved it and had a great time. You did an awesome job and made the night all that much better. My make up stayed great all night and then some!!! Thank you!

~ G
"Corrie, Thank you so much for your wonderful makeovers, kindness and conversation. After my makeover with you, I went to the Gay 90s and had a blast.  Several people there asked if I was performing that night. That was a compliment to me and several of the drag queens really liked my look.  I had such a good night - I really wanted to stay but had to get home. Thanks again!! I very much look forward to working with you again."

~ Koryn
"Corrie: Thank you so much for our morning session today.  I feel like I looked absolutely beautiful and of course then, I felt it and that just boosted my confidence even more. 

I had a couple of women (and men) nod and smile at me today, so it was even further proof I looked acceptable enough in others’ eyes to be out and about shopping.

You made everything so comfortable and welcoming and I can’t even begin to say how happy I am to know you are in town (so don’t move to Vegas!).  I do hope to schedule some lesson time with you next.  I just wanted to let you know how valuable your service is to us in this community."

~ Holly
"Corrie is unbelievable!  I ran across her while searching online for a discrete and private place to have my makeup done.  Typical salons have men and women coming and going which always made my earlier experiences a bit uncomfortable. Midwest Makeup is different. Although people do pop
in, Corrie has a private room in back where the makeovers are done and clients can feel safe and relaxed in a private setting. She's also an expert when it comes to placing a wig, helping with clothes or tightening a corset.  She has really helped me to be free and explore my inner self. I always feel comfortable and welcome with Corrie and can't wait for my next appointment."

~ Petra
"I had inquired if anybody could help with a discrete QUALITY makeover/transformation and got several recomendations within hours for Corrie. I was instantly welcomed and comfortable. Great skill and advice that answers the questions. I have makeup lessons coming soon. In my opinion, she has replaced the 'Pot Of Gold' at the end of the rainbow."

~ Julie.
"If you are looking to step up your dressing, and don't know where to go or who to turn to? See Corrie! ASAP! Whether you just want to learn basic makeup or want to step up your makeup game, she will help you!! I'm soo glad I took the step to stop in and see her. She is laid back, non-judgemental. If you give her an idea of what you want? She will totally work with you to achieve it! She is super friendly, nice, and very easy to talk to! I was nervous at first, but that feeling went away fast. Go see her! She is a doll!!"

~ Jenna. 
"Corrie, Thanks again for everything. I had a great time at the party and had so many compliments about my look.  Everybody said that I looked like I was truly happy, and I was :) Can’t wait till my next appointment."

~ Erika
"Corrie - I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful afternoon yesterday.  You made  me look and feel so pretty. I truly appreciate it."

~ Angie
"Corrie's work is amazing. Her passion for her art is reflected in you. Her friendliness and recommendations helped me feel comfortable and beautiful, inside and out. Because of her, people turned their heads and complimented me. What an amazing experience. Without a doubt, Corrie is a passionate professional artist who cares about her clients and I am so grateful for her helping me have a wonderful day just being me. Highly recommend."

"Corrie - Thank you. That was amazing!! It felt like my natural skin for the first time.  I loved being able to walk out of the store and drive home confident that I looked good!  I look foward to my next appointment with you and further instruction. 
PS: I LOVE the wig and lashes!  Don’t want to take them off!"

~ A
"Hi Corrie, I just wanted to send you a thank you for yesterday's session! I was so thrilled with your work and it was great to meet you. I really appreciate how relaxed you made me about the whole thing. Until next time!"

~ R